Heavy Mornings


When you have one of those mornings, and you have to wake up early to finish up some work but you feel heavey as hell! My brain says get up, but my body is just not reacting! But somehow I drag myself out of bed to take a shower and get going.

But I was wondering who else does this. I switch off the boiler back in the beginning of June.  It was too damn hot outside let alone switch on the boiler. So now if I want hot water I set the water temperature to cool and it becomes hot within seconds! Seriously better then any boiler I’ve had before. And if I want to cool water I switch it to hot, and I get the water that is inside the boiler and its pretty damn cool! It hits the spot perfectly!

But you know your tired when even after a good shower you feel dazed slightly! (I wish that was my shower! hehehe)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    yeah, if I get up too late and the cold water’s already hot, I switch to hot and get the cold water from the boiler tank.

    C Club showers seem to be perfect temp though…. could stay in there all day, except the soap sucks.

  2. We have a central boiler .. so the hot water is hot and the cold water is even hotter.

  3. mine is turned off…bt I use the supply to get some cold water to coool off my head atleast while havin bath….otherwise the main supply is like 100 degrees hot…and you dont want to shower your ****&&4&^ with that…do you?

  4. moocherx: yeah I agree! C Club does seem to have a very good shower system! You should tell them if their soap sucks, they will try to improve.

    K: hahaha! Switch off the boiler! Make the hot water cool! eheheh!

    Cyber: im same as you! And no I wouldnt want to shower in those temperatures! I like things nice and cool! hehehe!

  5. What a lovely shower to wake up to in the morning! (your photo) We do the same thing with our water… pretty soon it will be time to turn the boiler back on!

  6. Jewaira: true! Im just looking forward to the cool weather! meaning I can ride more! hehehe!

  7. i NEED a bathroom like that with a pimpin shower head

  8. Laialy: I think a cool shower is best thing is world!

  9. The boiler is off! but since all water comes from the roof; it doesn’t have a chance to get cooled!

  10. K: damn K! that hurts! U need a cooler then!

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