Review: My Super ExGirlfriend


I saw the movie over the weekend. I didnt have too high expectations, but I wanted something to make me laugh, and I really like Luke Wilson (Old School). Its got a funny bunch of characters in the movie and the character advising Luke with his female issues is probably the worst advisor on women I have ever seen. He has his predicaments at work, and this whole movie is about funny situations, and just keeps getting funnier. There is nothing deep about this movie, its just all entertiainment, but at some points its pretty damn corny. The one actress that annoys the hell out of me is the chick from the office (From Scary Movie 5). If you want to just laugh then you should probably see this movie, it will hit the spot. Its just a little bit corny at certain points and thats all you can really complain about.

Link: IMDB

Rating: r3.0.bmp

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  1. I’m guessing this is a must see? I’ll be on the look out for it.

  2. transparently: Its pretty funny. Nothing that will get an oscar but for one of those nights!

  3. i saw this last nite and i hella laughed my ass off!

  4. Marzouq
    So that’s the superwoman you’re looking for eh? :P

  5. Jewaira: after seeing the movie no! and you will understand why! looool

  6. Laialy: maybe something else for your tastes!!

  7. i really wanna see this mvie
    i love uma i love allll her movies :*

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