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Cameras Operational


Since a little while ago I have been a bit relaxed from the speeding cameras. And the other day I didnt notice that I was doing 150 Kph, and the camera went off. I was stunned! I was like “What the hell was that”. Then I realized it was the camera and so they started working again! So I was pissed that I wasnt paying attention, the funny part is that it took pictures of me and the guy in front of me. So I was going with the flow of traffic, but I can only imagine how many pictures it took the day it was switched on!

So everyone assume that the cameras are now operational! I think they took the time fix the melted parts! And I noticed a couple of times that they have been taking pictures again and again! So a lot of people have been relaxed about their driving thinking the cameras arent working. Since I got that picture taken a couple of days ago, Im wondering how the point systems will operate, and how they will be applied!
And yes I love Super Troopers!