Cameras Operational


Since a little while ago I have been a bit relaxed from the speeding cameras. And the other day I didnt notice that I was doing 150 Kph, and the camera went off. I was stunned! I was like “What the hell was that”. Then I realized it was the camera and so they started working again! So I was pissed that I wasnt paying attention, the funny part is that it took pictures of me and the guy in front of me. So I was going with the flow of traffic, but I can only imagine how many pictures it took the day it was switched on!

So everyone assume that the cameras are now operational! I think they took the time fix the melted parts! And I noticed a couple of times that they have been taking pictures again and again! So a lot of people have been relaxed about their driving thinking the cameras arent working. Since I got that picture taken a couple of days ago, Im wondering how the point systems will operate, and how they will be applied!
And yes I love Super Troopers!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Two words dude: Radar Detector

    Don’t leave home without one ;)

  2. you shouldn’t be driving fast in the first place :p

  3. Hitman1: what kind do you have?

    Laialy: Thats cruising speed in Kuwait! Everyone goes that fast! loool

  4. i always have this thought in the back of my mind :if i break the law, God will have his way with me

  5. Super Troopers ha? I remember the first time I was pulled over in the USA. It was by a trooper. I was on my way to super market to get milk. It was late at night. I never break the law. Not in the states! so, imagine me being pulled over. My tears flow switched on automatically. 15 mins and the guy comes up to me. After checking my Reg and ID. And Wondering why the hell I was crying. He goes like “Ma`am, please turn on your car lights next time.. Have a good night” .. Ok, from that day on o ana ma a7eb il-troopers! :/ Waggaf galbi :( 3ala sheno ? lights?!?! WTF!!! (Sorry about the LONG comment) ;)

  6. Laialy: then I am soooo screwed! loooool!

    Cuteberry: hahahahahaha! I get stopped by cops alot, and they aint so friendly! And yes I speed! hehehe! Only once I have been let off! but sometimes I just cant help it! looool!

    Cyber: I was reminded by your post to write about the damn camera! But we shall see what the hell they do in the coming weeks, if anything really happens!

  7. I need to lend you my radar detector .. gives me indications from a km away. :D

  8. K: I keep thinking about getting one, and then im just too damn lazy! The beeping annoys me too!

  9. Passport 4500 from 10 years ago and still saving me tickets

  10. Hitman1: I should just get me one and get it over with!

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