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I was sitting down the other day, and I decided to go through my dvds to see what I have and dont have. I spotted Spanglish just sitting in the drawer and I remembered that I wanted see it a long time ago, but never got around to it. So I popped in the DVD and watch the movie. This is something different from what Adam Sandler usually does. Its a story about dysfunctional family with a maid and her daughter getting involved. I have to say that the maid (Paz Vega) is a more femenine and hotter version of Penelope Cruz. She is so hot in my opinion! I think its her femininity that got to me, and probably the way she speaks english! The story development is very good, and how the relationships of the characters develop are also great. There is a lot of important conversations between each of the characters, while retaining a sense of comedy. This is one of those movies where you sit down, grab a sandwich a watch. I really liked how Adam Sandler was in this movie, he showed his comedic side and his human side.

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Rating: r4.0.bmp

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  1. Adam sandler always the best .. u gotta see CLICK !

  2. Wer3Y: lool! I have checkout my review of CLICK!

  3. dimplez

    i saw this movie 2 days ago on “the movie channel”..i sooooo agree with u ..although it may sound wierd cause iam a chick myself but she is hot!!!its like a better and older version of p.cruz as u said…

    i enjoy ur reviws btw..we share the same taste…thanx and keep it on

  4. the maid did remind me of Penelope Cruz but she has ugly feet (from the seen in the resturant) but it was a good movie

  5. not maid, domestic help. i loved the movie, the wife is psycho, i love her charecter.. the relationships between the family members seemed genuine.. i love adam sandlers way of dealing with his children.loving caring.. heartfelt.. and how he held his restraint.. how? she is gorgeous..

  6. violet

    I watched the movie weeks ago thinking she was Penelope Cruz until I read this post. I then proceeded to double check on . lol

  7. This is probably the best movie for Adam Sandler ever. Although, I think the one who really shined in this movie was none than the beautiful Pez Vega.

  8. dimplez: hahaha! its good you can admit some women are hot! And Im happy you enjoy the reviews!

    Laialy: now thats a girls comment! Who cares about feet, her feet didnt look like the feet of the Hunchback of Notredame so they looked fine to me!

    let them eat cake: lol, I agree I dont know how he held his restraint! I would have went nuts!

    violet: loooool! I think Adam Sandler showed a different side to him!

    wilted-roze: to each there own!

    Fallen Angel: I agree with you 100%.

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