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*Travel News Update*

I just got this email from Lufthansa, I thought it would be useful for people.

From now on, passengers are not allowed to bring liquids or gels of any size aboard aircraft in their carry-on luggage. This includes

– beverages
– shampoo
– suntan lotion
– creams
– toothpaste
– hair gel
– other liquids of similar consistency

Passengers are still allowed to have the following items in their carry-on luggage:

– baby formula, breast milk or juice (if a baby or infant travels in their company),
– essential medicine if the name marked on the medicine / prescription matches the name on the ticket.

These regulations apply to all flights to the USA with immediate effect. The items listed above must be stored in passengers’ baggage ahead of travel and checked in. Lufthansa recommends that its passengers reduce their carry-on luggage to a minimum and arrive early at the airport. To avoid delays passengers should refrain from carrying any liquids or purchase the same in Duty Free Shops regardless of the destination.

So flight through Frankfurt dont seem to be having any delays, but check with them about flights from Frankfurt to London.