Night Just Chillin


You know when you have those long work days for the week, and you drained everyday and dont feel like moving. This was one of those weeks. But Im pretty glad last night all the guys got together at my place and we were watching some drifting videos that my friend got. It was pretty funny it was US vs. Japan in drifting, and of course the Japanese guys won! Then they did a race on a racetrack in Japan between five very different cars; an M3 CSL, a 911 Carrera S, a Lamborgini Gialliardo, an M5, and fixed up GT-R. These Japanese guys are damn good, and the old school driver who was driving the M5 got it drifting out some corners like it was nothing! We were all caught up each one shouting for a specific car! It was fun as hell!

Then we started grubbing, popped in a movie and relaxed. Everyone was pretty much burnt out from this work week. But it seems nobody knew that next saturday the 26th is a holiday. So everyone was asking if you want to go here or there, or somewhere else. It was one of those good nights.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moe

    For me the week is not over but i am completely worn out and waiting for the weekend to revive all my energy for the next week.

  2. golden days are getting over marz…schools are openin and there will be traffic chaos in the morning….on all roads…I loved the last couple months…

  3. moe: I work thursdays as well, basically friday is my only holiday.. but wednesday is when a lot of us could meet up..

    Cyber: I agree with you.. I like how traffic is flowing, but with school coming up things are going to be a bitch! Full traffic at every corner!

  4. M5 guy was like drifting at EVERY fucking corner, at one point i was like for sure he would get hit on the side by both the porsche and m3 lol

  5. Mark: I know seriously! But they were all damn good drivers! Its the drifting that made him lose! If I was driving I would have hit all four cars! hahaha

  6. Sounds interesting, I’m a huge fan of drifting ever since I saw the Initial D anime (hmm…I seem to be mentioning it a lot today). Is this video downloadable? If so, what’s the name?

  7. Sabah: hehehe.. I know what you mean, Initial D started the complete drifting craze. This was a DVD a friend of mine brought over, he brought 3 DVDs that he got from Ebay. I will try getting you the name though!

  8. Bella: esaraa’a wil me3raaj hehehe.. thanks it was good time!

  9. S

    WOW a7ib drifting.. i wanna see the video of the race between the 5 amazing cars, is it on the net ??
    Mashko0or :)

  10. s: hehe.. It was my friend’s dvd, we didnt get it from the net! Sorry!

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