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You know when you have one of those nights where you keep tossing and turning, and you cant fall asleep. No matter what you tried. I just had one of those nights. By 1am, I thought I should be asleep, but a few more minutes on the laptop, so at 1:30am I switched off the laptop tried to sleep, but I looked at my watch and it already 2:12am. I still kept trying, but by 3:15am I thought that I was screwed and might not get up for work. But if I was going to get much sleep let me at least enjoy myself, so I sit down and watch some anime. So around 4:25am I felt sleepy, and I was thinking to myself today is going to be a roung day.

I woke up at 7am, showered and went off to work. I thought I was going to feel dead tired from the get go. But I felt fine and awake. Got work things got going, and you get that light headache. The one you know its from lack of sleep. Going to be a long day. Probably take a long name when I get home.

And its humid as hell outside! I stepped outside, and my sunglasses became all fogged up, I couldnt see. Its really humid, and Im wondering how hot today is going to be.  I feel sorry for people who wear glasses to see! And whats worse is that A/C at work isnt functioning properly, I think the humidity is getting to it!