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Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


This just turned out to be one of those strange movies. You start off with a certain scene, and then you jump from scene to scene. I dont know how to explain it well enough, but even half way through the movie half the people watching it didn’t know what the hell was going on. But I have to say this I was really impressed with Robert Downey Jr.’s acting, and opposite Val Kilmer they made a great duo. The character that Robert Downy Jr. seems to be very similar to him in certain aspects, you could say that his anti-social behavior in the past has come in handy for acting in this movie. And I think Val Kilmer plays his character very well as well, and they compliment each other in their own right. The story line keeps involving more and more murders, but you dont see the clear line except towards the end, and on top of that Downy is trying to fall in love. You have to watch it until the end, but some people wont like it. It just too cut up, and you have to remember certain parts. Some people will love this movie, and some will hate it. It wasnt bad but it wasnt good either, but I dont think its one of those movies that I wouldnt watch again, but had to watch at least once.
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Rating: r2.5.bmp