Bacardi Ad


Its one thiing these guys are good at, its making freaking good commercials! Its plain as day that this ad was made in Miami. Really nice.

I reall like this ad: YouTube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That stuff tastes really good! It’s the best drink Bacardi has.

  2. Aqib: I wouldnt know, but I like the Ad! thats what caught my eye! hehehe

    Laialy: coming right up!

  3. chr0nik

    nice commercial..never tried a mojito ..u mean all that booty caught ur eye hehehe :p

  4. chr0nik: I would be lying is I said no, so YES!!!!!

  5. LOL! Love your honestly Marzouq.. Ohhh and I miss Miami :( Hmm am not sure about the place though.. My first two guesses would be that it could either be “Mint” or “Nikki beach/Pearls”..

  6. Shake ur bum bum .. shake ur bum bum … shake ur bum …

    Oh hehehe .. yeah Bacardi is kewl … i miss Bacardi Night in Leb, that was frekin awesome .. best one was when Sonique made an appearance…. i dun recall if it was called beat machine at the time..

  7. Cuteberry: hehehe! I cant lie! hehehe.. I know what you mean, Nikki Beach is the best on a Sunday afternoon great place to chill! And Mint was nice too! I loved Pearl too! Mansion! Last time I went there was June 05!! hehe

    fractal: hehehe! Never been there on a Bacardi Night, dont know what that is, but I hope that I find out soon inshalla! I like up beat places!

  8. Toxy

    MARZOUQ, this is your last warning dude!


    What a hot ad! Wohoooooooooo

  9. Lexicon

    Man now i need to find some water melon bacardy breezers!!

  10. Toxy: hehehehe! I will look for more videos of this nature!

    Lexicon: hehehe! I have no clue what that would taste like, but I hope they have a nice ad for it too! hehehe

  11. Lexicon

    Here you go!

  12. Lexicon: looool! But I still think this one is the best! hehehe

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