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Why Riding!?


I get this question a lot when people find out I have motorcycle. The only thing people equate me to is a pizza on the floor. But its difficult for those who don’t ride to understand, but I always try to explain. And I take my time to explain. There is something about putting that helmet on, putting your gear on and hearing the engine underneath you come alive.

When I ride with the gear on, and on any road I have a lot of anonimity which I like. And riding motorcycle sets you on equal grounds with everyone else that rides a motorcycle. You can relate to any person that rides a motorcycle because of the passion you have for riding a motorcycle. You have a conversation with another rider, and your surprised that he is a 65 year old man riding a Motto-Guzzi, or this executive of a powerful company riding a Suzuki GSX-R 750 around the mountains and you have been following him for hours. Meeting people with completely different backgrounds and finding out why they are passionate about bikes and their relationships to it is just a part of the experience. Everyone is connected by riding in one way or another which makes it feel great!

Another experience is your relationship with your bike, and the battle your brain has telling you what you should, what the bike wants to do, and what your body does inbetween them. Your desire to get every corner just perfect and flowing through every turn. The extreme concentration, and clear thoughts. There is nothing in your brain but you thinking through the next turn, the space you have, how warm your tires are, and the sound of the engine beating through you. There is a degree of mental and physical excersion that you feel when going through all these smooth flowing roads, with just the right turns. It feels exhilirating, and when you get home park the bike, take your helmet off, and you feel everything is just right. Your head has never been clearer.

Motorcycles are not about “need” and “sense”, its about want! What you want to do at that moment! Do you want to cruise! Do you want to take off! You want to feel that thrill! It just feels damn good! Some people want to cruise across the world in a motorcycle or they want to go a race track and enjoy the ride, some people want to race professionaly. I WANT to do all of the above! All I got is time! I hope people understand why I love riding! Why I can relate to people that ride! When I find out that somebody rides, the differences between us blurs, and all I want to do is talk about is bikes! It has happened a few times!

Thats why I love riding.