Electrical Reaction


Came home, got a bite to eat. Then suddenly everything went out. I thought that the fuse blew, because I switched on too many things. But it never did that before. And the first thought I had that I didnt have anything on that I needed to save. So I was happy about that. So I got up went over to the fuse box, and everything was point to the right (meaning they were on), so I played around with it a bit, but nothing happen. So I asked if the electricity was out for the whole house they said yes. I called my neighbor on his cell phone, and he was laughing, because he was wondering the same thing as I was calling. Turns out the electricity was out for the area. Then I heard of Nuzha being out as well as Shuweikh, and Rawdah, but at different times yesterday.

The house was still cool, but there was this eerie silence that I never heard before. I was just trying to listen and see if I could here anything, but nothing. It was strange. So I sat down to use the computer again, and not realized there is no electricity. So I picked up my book and magazine went to the living room to chill with my mother, and she was just laughing at me. For the first 5 minutes I was roaming the halls not sure exactly what to do. Because just before the power went out I wanted to play with my PS2. hehehe. I felt very cut off, it is very apparent how electronically dependent I am. I wont deny it! I love electronics, but who isnt these days. Then I realized how much battery I had on my phone, and thinking worst comes to worst I can charge it in my car. I was walking around and thinking what I have running on electricity, but everything seemed fine to me. I just made sure to switch off everything so when the power comes back on it wouldnt be an overload and something burns out. The other thing I was thinking was that the house will get hot after a while, so it was kind of funny sitting in the room with highest chance to get hot. There were other delimas developing in the house, but nothing too crazy. It was just funny though. Then I realized I had my PSP! So I ran over, popped in a new game that I have been too lazy to play, and then bam.. the battery is dead. So my mom laughed at me again, she said she will switch off the electricity one hour a day to see what I do! hehehe

An hour an a half later the electricity came back on, and the first thought that came to my head is INTERNET! hehehehe! But everything went along from there, and the house didnt get that hot. But this is the first time electricity hit us for the summer unlike some of our family when it them at least 7 times this summer and for longer periods.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7nen

    WIERD, why is that happening??

    my father checked the q8i news on the internet yesterday and he told me that electricity is going out faj’a in q8.. but he didn;t tell me Y.. ??

    Reminds me of Lebanon,, some cafe’s were blaring with music and lights and while walking down the streets sometimes the electricity would randomly go off and it made the cafe look wierd.. I hated that,, now its happening in Kuwait !

    Omg what would happen if it lasted for a few days??

  2. 7nen: This has been happening all summer in Kuwait. Many places have been cut off from electricity. It just that Kuwait hasn’t upgraded its power plants since 30 years ago, and the population has grown past the capacity. So thats why its happening.

  3. N

    Ashwa .. we still haven’t been cut of. I can’t imagine not being able to join the internet.. especially when i am at home. Inshalla it gets cut off ogob ma insafir! ;p Bas i heard ina kil youm specific places will not have electricity.. madre 3ala ay asas it’s decided. Do you?

  4. N: No clue, bes in the states when we were having power problems in California in 2002 we had whats called rolling blackouts. Which they cut the electricity to specific areas so that they take the load of the power grid. That is what they are doing in Kuwait, they are taking the load of the power since A/Cs are at full power. So they are trying to lessen the straing, how they decide where to switch off, I dont know. But she shall see what happens next.

  5. ZinZinq8

    Just thank God you didn’t run out of water. We ran out of water for DAYS, not one hour or two. Alla la y3eedha.

  6. ZinZin: alah ekoon ib 3oonkum! That is no excuse! The 7ukuuma is screwing up! They should do something about it! O inshalla ma yin3aad!

  7. “I was roaming the halls not sure exactly what to do.”

    Haha, I know that feeling!

    “then bam.. the battery is dead.”

    I had my DS fully charged :]

  8. 3baid: hahaha! Next time I will make sure the PSP is charged!

  9. I spoke too soon. 6ifat 3alaina il kahraba. La7oool

  10. 7nen

    Zinzin 7abeebty why isn’t ur site working?! I need to know what happened to Dina and Talal.. !!!!! It was too sudden, I wasn’t prepared for your blog to suddenly disappear!!

    N told me ems that the electricity in my area recently went out.. OMG Its gonna be hell I hope they fix it before everyone comes home from the summer..

  11. S

    Ya this happened to me yesterday! Im in Qurain..
    Today i was in salmiya and the electricity got ut off in half of the area. Somethings going wrong cuz everyday certain areas get their electricity cut off for hours. Its not that fun !!

  12. This isn’t good. Yesterday afternoon we went to Friday’s at the beach and they told us they are cut off too! The referred us to the branch in Marina which was alright. Marzouq, I honestly think I should make a blackout disaster emergency plan for this, it hasn’t cut off where we are yet, so I’m afraid when it does, that I thus will be “roaming the hallways..” lol.

  13. ZinZinq8

    7nen, are you my Haneen? The one I know personally? If so I think I told you I’ll get you and your coworker a hard copy inshalla. If not, I am considering resposting the Talal story inshalla because you’re not the only one who complained about this. As for my blog its not working because I went on hiatus so I can focus on story writing. I left a post about that on my blog for a few days so that everyone would know but it seems lotsa people didn’t know. My bad. I should have kept that post on longer.

  14. Hehehehehehe
    It is funny how you are not used to this, and you have all these procedures that you did when it went out.
    In Lebanon this used to occur on daily basis. Simply the electricity goes out, we get dressed and get out to chill out and have fun outside, when electricity comes back we go home for TV, Internet and other electronic entertainment :P

  15. ZinZin: hahaha yala maykhalif 6ifa 3ala everyone! It seems everyone is missing your blog! U should have just told them that your not going to be posting a loonngggg time instead of taking it off! hehehe

    7nen: I dont think anyone was prepared for the blog to disappear, they thought it would remain without any posts, but the pfffff it disappeared! hehehehe.. o this electricity problem will remain until things cool off..

    S: They said in the news papers that they are shutting down each area for one hour between 12 and 3 pm in the newspaper, how they go about choosing I dont know.. but Im sure its going to be a while before they fix the problem.

    transparently: looool! U will know how I feel! Charge your laptop, your Phone, your psp, your DS Lite, EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE CHARGED! hehehe

    fractal: we arent used to it here, and its too damn hot to be outside, so I tried to stay in areas where I knew it would get hot quickly so I could feel cool when I go to the cooler rooms! I had plans! And lots to read! hehehe! If it was nice outside I would have stayed outside no problem!

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