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You know when you have to submit a report and you want to finish that off as soon as possible, while dreading doing that. I dont like procrastinating, but at the same time its annoying to start doing it. Then there is another write up that someone needs to finish his work so I started with that, because I dont like people delaying me, so I wont delay someone else. Pretty much simple as that.

Im getting phone call after phone, while writing up different reports at this time. Then suddenly “THUD”, a bird flew into my window. I have the shutters down to keep the sun and heat out, so I moved it and it was sitting on the window sill chirping away. Then it flew off, and I know some people have read that this has happened at my work before. It must be the heat thats getting to them or next door they are burning Marijuana. But this happened yesterday while I was in a meeting as well. So they must love the reflective material, but now again another bird “THUD” flies into the window. I feel so bad for these birds that I think I should open the damn window at this rate. I think the heat is getting to them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. well atleast you have someone at work with you :P not me :( i guess am the only one here. and atleast you have a window that overlooks anything from outdoorish :P not me i have a nice view of the wall opposite to my door :P:P but u know something .. i feeel much better not having to see the poor birds as they fly into the window.. i don’t know what’s with the birds and this thing.. one day a bird flew into my best freinds car in our face .. i kept laughing forever cuz my freind kept crying “men il 5ar3a” for about half an hour.. its the heat beleive me .. plus birds don’t really see the window .. they just see whats behind the window .. poor birds .. but again it happenes to ppl .. haven’t we all hit a glass door? i have .. ALOT :P

  2. Ree7at il Nuwair: alah ekoon ib 3oonich in that office! Bes I have run into clear windows yes, but the office window is reflective.. so the bird would see itself when flying straight at it.. or if its coming at an angle it might thinks its competition! Bes mawateeny min el thu7ik 3ala erfeejtich! hehehehe

  3. “Come on. Let us in! Let us in! …THUD!”
    Poor bird :P

  4. “so I wont delay someone else” – dont delay the rides you promised! LOL

  5. Cyber: I wont delay anyone! At the next meet! hehehe

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