*Travel Update IV*

Thanks to MSB for emailing me this document.

All the peopel traveling to or through Heathrow airport should take a look at this document. It has all the details about toiletries, what you can and can’t take with you. Baby food, electronics, and pretty much everything you can think of. This document was made by the BAA (Airport Security Regulation in the UK)

Link: UK Security Update

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  1. ambey i can’t beleive it !!!! what the !! to cut short they’re saying don’t even think of coming :P wee3 .. what can we take !! its nothing litteraly !! no make up .. no hair spray !! amoot ana chethy:P i never buy anything when am traveling i always pack EVERYTHING with me .. that’s why i always argue with my mom cuz i always have like the most luggage :P but my makeup and skin care is always in my handbag .. and now what ! No nothing!! effffff malaqa

  2. Ree7at il Nuwair: hahahahahahahahaha! Im happy Im a guy! electronics o bes.. thats all I need! hehehe

  3. Purgatory72

    very useful document, now one can buy duty free products again!

  4. Purgatory72

    as for the make up, good now we see women as they really are :P

  5. inzain may5alef .. no makeup mako farg .. bas atleast my skin care .. i don’t sleep without my holy skin care routin ..

    yeah yeah .. guys live easier lives & always have more fun ;/

  6. Purg: hahaha I was thinking the same thing! Women cant cover up! We see them as is! hehehehe! I think Duty free is being affected the worst out of anyone!

    Ree7at il Nuwair: loool.. dont travel for a little while? maybe things will lighten up! hehehe!

  7. Ppl be ready to c the real face of women! LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL..!! ;)

    Very useful… Thanx 4 keep us updated :)

  8. Bella: loool! I think some people are not ready for the horror! looool!

  9. Or I can just avoid heathrow all together and travel thorugh the wild and wonderful schipol airport in Amsterdam.

  10. what about other Uk airport? same rules and regulations?

  11. Hitman1: that is what I am doing, Im going through Frankfurt now to the states, no way through heathrow, they will loose your bags!

    Kay: I think the security is only for Heathrow and Gatwick, but to be on the safe side I would follow the regulations!

  12. hey i just got back
    heathrow was hell
    it took me an hour and a half to reach the security gate before entering the terminal, and i had a 6.30 am flight!!!

    becareful about the handbags
    they have to be really small and take the shape
    of a suitcase. they have these bins where u would check if ur handbag fits in it. they are not that big so be carefull.
    check out this file

    even if ur bag is slightly bigger they will not allow you to carry it. my backpack was slightly larger (if i put it on the side) than the allowed size, they had me remove some stuff from inside it so that i could carry it.
    dont carry anything unless u really need it, and if u have a laptop, try to take the smallest laptop bag you have cause i saw a lot of people with rather normal sized laptop bags but they were not allowed to carry it cause it was bigger than the dimensions.
    good luck to everyone.

  13. believe me…one day they are gonna tell us….ohhh…for your safety you have to travel naked…and then the real fun starts

  14. Yazeed: Thanks for all the information!!! That is a hell of a lot go through!

    Cyber: I agree with you! hahaha

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