Exhaust Upgrade

I love the way Robo looks, but for his agressive stance he is really quiet! I wanted something to give him a better growl. A loud enough bark to go with the big bite. So I have been looking a couple of exhausts such as Laser, Two Brothers, Remus, and Akrapovic. And I have come to the conclusion that the Akrapovic looks the best! So thats what I ordered! It will take two weeks to get here though! The exhaust system seems to be in high demand so there is a one week delay, and then another couple of days for delivery from the UK.

Before Exhaust


After Exhaust (Mine is silver and black, this one is black and silver. I like mine ALOT more hehehe)


Link: Akrapovic

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  1. Abdulaziz

    Hello there marzouq , first tme for me on your blog.I see you are an enthusiast of motorcycles. same here :)
    i used to have a HD sportster a long time ago. i lost a friend because of a freak motorcycle accident he had a 2 year old daughter his wife was pregnant with his 2nd daugter.
    you know taking care while riding isnt enough to stay safe.
    Take care dude and good luck …

  2. Abdulazziz: Im sorry for your loss, and I understand your point of view, but as I have mentioned before riding a motorcycle isnt about staying safe, and you know the dangers when you get on it. I appreciate your concern, but a rider does what he can to stay safe, and is in gods hands.

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