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Pullin It Off

So tuesday night after Turn by Turn i thought I was going to pass out, but I kept tossing and turning until 3 am, and even at 4 am I thought I might get some sleep, but nothing. So I got up and got me some pineapple that I saw in the fridge and sat on my computer at 4:30am on Wednesday. I decided to finish up some work emails early in the morning because I wasnt sure how my head was going to be early in the day. I dont know when exactly my body will want to sleep, but I wasnt feeling tired.

So after a few emails I started watching some anime, and then time was flying bye. I watched about two hours worth of anime and I was enjoying myself! It was a nice start to a wednesday. Took a shower got to work around 7:15am, and I thought everything was going to go smoothly today. And a few meetings and a lot of paperwork finished up I left work and went home. The family was home, and I could hear my nephew! Then I went over to him, and he smiles when he sees me. I know Im feeling a bit tired, but I wanted to play with him! hehehe! I had lunch then I passed out in the living room where everyone was sitting down. My mother told me that I didnt move at all, and I nothing was waking me up (I failed to mention to them that I didnt sleep all night, but I decided to leave that out). Then I woke up to my nephew lightly drumming my head while my mother was holding him. I smile and then he smiles then he goes “Dai Daiiiiii” and continues with his drumming! I think he likes my shaved head! hehehe! I got up went to Hawalli, and picked up a few DVDs because the guys were coming over at night!

I didnt know if I would last that long on two hours! The guys came, we ate, watched a movie, and relaxed! It was perfect! Didnt think I would be able to hold out for the day, but I did! I didnt go to sleep until 2am. Fun Wednesday, and its the beginning of a long weekend, but I still have work on thursday! So two days is still better then one!