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Cali Riding

This is when I was in the states a little while back and I was going riding with my friend Hamdy and Eric! There was another edition to my bikes! And it was this little red monster! The Triumph Daytona 675, and I think it is an amazing motorcycles with its V-Twin Engine and grunty power! So now its the 675, the R1, and the FZ6. I didnt let Eric ride the R1 or the 675 just because he has to learn to ride with the FZ6 first! I think I have given the riding bug to everyone, and I think its spreading! Anyways here are some pictures of us whenever we stopped! It was a nice sunny cool California day!

I remember that day since we had an amazing day riding, with clear skies. The roads were perfect, and we could see other rides coming from the other direction when we were in the moutains. It was amazing taking turn by turn, and keeping an eye on my friends through the side view mirror to make sure they are making it through without any problems! I dont worry about Hamdy since I know he is a capable rider and makes clear decisions so I was worried about Eric since its his first time on the moutain roads. These roads are challenging and force you to believe in your skills and improve your skills! Curve after curve after curve! Until we reach Alice’s cafe where its motorcycle central, and we park and relax! What a day! then he head up to Half Moon Bay which has an amazing Ocean view, then we go back down to Santa Clara to meet up with the rest of the guys! Couldnt have asked for a better day!

Me sitting on the Daytona with the helmet in front of me


The dials of the daytona! Its so cool looking!!


Hamdy’s helmet on the floor next to the R1


Hamdy filling up Gas! I finished quicker!


More pictures below

These are all three of the babies while we got something to eat at Santana Row before going for our ride of the day!


Ladies and gentlemen meet Hot Shot! He is one hot set of wheels! hehe! Triumph Daytona 675


Another set of the boys standing proud!


We got to Alice’s cafe and decided to get something to drink before we head off again


While we are sitting at the table, and you could see Hamdy wearing the Vote for Palmer T-shirt (24)

Hamdy and Eric talking about how the roads were, and how the bikes felt.


The bikes parked on the side of 35 before we decide which direction to go!


Hamdy having an intimate moment!


Hot Shot chilling!



Hot Shot from all sides!



The FZ6 just chilling! Next to the R1!

The Beast just chilling! Acting quiet! Seriously a monster!


Looking into eyes of the Beast! Can you hear the growl!


The FZ6 just chilling, such a fantastic bike! Took me so many miles! And there it is my school parking sticker! hehe!

Last shot of Hot Shot, then we headed back to Santa Clara!