Emmy Awards


The Emmy Awards are taking place Sunday August 27th and I only know one thing. Jack Bauer is going to win the award and its simple as that. And every category that 24 has been nominated for will win. Its simple as that, there are other shows but are nothing in the presence of Jack Bauer!


Link: Emmys

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  1. hehe… what a fan of bauer u r:) whats his real name by the way?

  2. Fonzy: Jack Bauer is his real name! And I would have to put 24 bullets in you if you think otherwise!

  3. lool… hmmmmmm ok jack bauer it is then :)

  4. “Jack, if you don’t get that award, millions of fans could die. We need to go, there’s no time. Jack?”

  5. Hey Marzouq i used to be a big fan of 24 too..but recently im not having time to watch it!!

    but before putting that 24 bullets in Fonzy`s head wanna tell you that Jack Bauer`s real name is “Kiefer Sutherland”..in case you wanted to know ya3ni..

    Hey heyy dont point that gun on me..i dont know this Fonzy guyyy!!

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