Lithium Batteries!

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Ok how annoying is it when you charge something then walk away with it for a little while and then suddenly its already dead or at least half way there! After doing nothing. This involves a few things such as laptops, mp3 players, cell phones, and other pieces of electronics that are on lithium batteries. Technology has moved forward greatly over the past 5 years, but battery technology has not improved that much! That is what they have to work on!

You know when you charge your cell phone and use it for about three phone calls, and when you put it down its beeping like crazy and then it dies! That is probably the most annoying, but what annoys me the most is battery cell memory. Its what happens what you charge your batter too much and then it loses some power in it because you charged it before it was drained. The manufacturers tell you it cant happen but it does, that is why people replace there batteries! Nokia phones are a bit better then before since that they dont decay as fast any more! Some phones are pretty bad phones, but they have improved. My luck has been better with Mp3 players since none of the ones I have had have gone bad yet.

But my laptop is annoying now, since one battery is as useful as a paperweight. And the second one is going down the same road! I took it off the charger and 20 mins later it was beeping! I want to slap somebody who built the damn battery! What the hell were they thinking! Cant they improve this damn technology! And now whats even worse Dell and Sony laptops are blowing up left and right!

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  1. Toxy

    Yo MArzouq, that’s crazy, I was just writing about the same thing!

    Don’t tell me you are using the Sony VGN S Series Laptops are you? (They are the small sized laptops)…Those piece of crap batteries last about 15 minutes before they start beeping!

  2. Toxy: No i have the Alienware laptop, but I have had it over a year and a half now, but still it shouldnt go to crap!

  3. I have the same problem with my IBM, ThinkPad laptop which I got about the same time you got yours. I discharged it the first time it was used so that I’d prolong its reported lifetime as per the specs. instructions, but no use. Guess it’s time to change the battery.

  4. Hang in there, fuel cell batteries are coming. Soon, lithium ion batteries will rest in peace.

  5. wow!
    hehehehe same thing wallah i was thinking of the same thing today
    my phone went did after i have charged it all night!
    i dont know whats wrong with it , i love it and all
    but it was really annoying
    machines! u can never trust them ;p

  6. i was thinking maybe ur post was suggeting a near techie solution, but its an interesting light on the matter, hitman1. brilliant! i’ll be waiting for that.

  7. Battery technolog is still primitive :/

  8. I have the same problem too with my laptop. You’re right, that is one area where there should be more research and development.

  9. AyyA: I did the samething but still its acting up now!

    Hitman1: I wont hold my breath for that! hehehehe!

    no3ik: looool! U sound like a scene from the terminator! ehehehe!

    Bloo: you will be waiting no less then 3 yaears to start seeing it in consumer products! hehehe

    3baid: so very true!

    Jewaira: They should put more R&D on it!

  10. all lithium batteries have what they call a “half-life” and that should take a couple of years before any battery starts giving those problems. Thats theoratically, In reality, its exactly as u said….. and if u buy a new battery, its just as bad. Supposedly original, but it still dies out after a short time. I have to carry my electrical cord for my laptop with me wherever i go now cos of this.

  11. i remmber i had a panasonic video camera , the charge had a drain button on it , the booklet for the camera said when you place the battery drain it then the charger will work

    the camera died before the battery

  12. Fonzy: its annoying as hell!!!!!

    forzaq8: damn.. well at least that lasted!

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