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Natural Gamer


The concept of a nautral gamer! That has been in my head for the past couple of weeks. When I say this I am refering to Video Games sepcifically PC or console. The reason this came to mind recently is because I play a lot of games when I have the chance and some of my friends dont.

Whenever I have played games I’ve never played before it usually doesnt take me too long to figure them out. And it doesnt matter what type of game it could be a fighting game, simulator, adventure, strategy, RPG, MMORPG, anything really. Im not saying that I would be the best player at everything, Im just saying that I can play most of these games. And there is always somebody who plays the game better then me, who has a better score or something like that. Thats not really the issue, but some people I can tell are natural gamers. That they can play any type of game and be some what competitive at it.

There are some people who are really bad at video games, I mean they really cant figure out half the buttons on the controller and figure out how to move the character. It drives me nuts when my friend starts playing and doesnt know how to move and look around at the same time! I dont say much, because I have learned to be calmer about it. But I have realized that is something that drives me nuts. I mean he is bad at every video game! Not just specifically one guy, its a couple of people i know, but it drives me up the wall when they play so badly even after I give them some directions and explain what they have to do. I know its only a game, but how come they are so freaking bad! hahaha! People always think of some people as a natural athelete! But nobody has thought of the natural gamer except now! hehehehe