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The concept of a nautral gamer! That has been in my head for the past couple of weeks. When I say this I am refering to Video Games sepcifically PC or console. The reason this came to mind recently is because I play a lot of games when I have the chance and some of my friends dont.

Whenever I have played games I’ve never played before it usually doesnt take me too long to figure them out. And it doesnt matter what type of game it could be a fighting game, simulator, adventure, strategy, RPG, MMORPG, anything really. Im not saying that I would be the best player at everything, Im just saying that I can play most of these games. And there is always somebody who plays the game better then me, who has a better score or something like that. Thats not really the issue, but some people I can tell are natural gamers. That they can play any type of game and be some what competitive at it.

There are some people who are really bad at video games, I mean they really cant figure out half the buttons on the controller and figure out how to move the character. It drives me nuts when my friend starts playing and doesnt know how to move and look around at the same time! I dont say much, because I have learned to be calmer about it. But I have realized that is something that drives me nuts. I mean he is bad at every video game! Not just specifically one guy, its a couple of people i know, but it drives me up the wall when they play so badly even after I give them some directions and explain what they have to do. I know its only a game, but how come they are so freaking bad! hahaha! People always think of some people as a natural athelete! But nobody has thought of the natural gamer except now! hehehehe

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SHOTGUN!!

    First, I would like to say that most of people (whom you referred to) who don’t know how to play a REAL game are mostly Winning Eleven fanatics (Halo “exclusive” fans can manage play other game that are similar to the FPS genre).

    Second, you got me thinking…am I a natural gamers? Well, I can tell you I am a hardcore RPG gamer for sure (especially for Japanese RPGs) and I usually (if not always) finish an RPG 100%. That means, all the weapons were collected and all the side-quest were completed and etc. I guess, I’m a good Adventure/Platform gamer too (referring to Mario 64, and Zelda games). I also play many Survival horror games (Silent Hill, Fetal Frame, etc) but I’m not fast when I play them, so I suck at speed challenges ( I had to play Resident Evil 2 six times just to achieve the S rank). As for racing…just count me in for games ala Mario Kart. Finally, I only love 2D fighting game (King of Fighters is my fighting passion); however, Super Smash Bros. is an exception if you consider it a 3D fighting game.

    And that’s pretty much it….

  2. hehe.. do what i do.. i disconnect their controller and make them think they are playing when i am actually playing one player:) it doesnt last long before he finds out, but it buys u some time

  3. I really know what you mean. I’m the type that learns games pretty quick, and usually kick everyone’s ass until they start to know the game better, then I start having trouble hehe

    And yes, it’s irritating that you have to always teach them everything, on every game even if it’s brand new.

    Problem with me is that I really enjoy playing with others, so I just have to grind my teeth and smile when they ask me how to throw a punch.

    By the way Fallen Angel, is there any kind of Super Smash Bros partying around here? There’s plenty in the US, o mit7assif inny ma re7t. Just wondering :)

  4. moocherx

    i’m one of those people who can’t figure out the controls – i say bring back the original pacman… I even just sold my psp after owning it 2 months.

    but what pisses me off more is the superiority of people who think we’re useless because we can’t BE BOTHERED to persevere with figuring out how to jump or slay someone. maybe other pleasures like learning a new piano concerto, reading the latest political biography, enjoying chatting and drinking with friends trying to put the world to rights is in some way more fulfilling to some than knowing to press + while holding down L and R will magically kill all the bugs on the screen and allow that final lonely orgasm as you play games in your room alone…..


    (no offence to any Uber-Geeks out there, and M you’re forgiven anyway for being a member of the same gym and having an “outdoors hobby” like your motorbike)

  5. @Bojacob: Oh yeah, there’s one that always held at Nintendo World Center in NY. And of course, the unofficial ones that usually held in the dorms.

  6. Fallen: Im just saying the idea that someon is automatically good at gaming, you could be good at one and better at another type of game.

    Fonzy: hahahaha! I used to do that during Golden Eye! And you couldnt tell from the screen like Halo! hehehe

    Bojacob: I know what you mean when it comes to playing with others like Halo, and Halo 2 .. I love that, but here it has reached a point where I dont feel like playing with some people! hahaha

    moocherx: I can understand your point of view.. but its hilarious seeing how pissed off you get at the nerds who have a superiority complex for being able to play a game.. what Im saying is how can people be so bad! hahaha! Im honored that you have forgiven my shortcomings with my outdoor activities! hehehehe

  7. This is exactly why videogames aren’t meainstream yet and the reason Nintendo is hoping to make their games fool proof with their Wii (freehand) controller.

  8. 3baid: so does that mean that normal gamers will feel like idiots playing the Wii! hehehe!

  9. Nintendo is for fun …
    PS2 and XBOx is for serious gamers … they get you thinking and they give you real pleasure, as for nintendo, it is justfun to play.

  10. @Bojacob:: Opps sorry. In Kuwait? Well, there are no official ones but you are welcomed to join me and my cousins for a quick match or something LOL :)

    Fractal00: Nintendo is for fun? That’s a very insulting description to any gamer in the world. In fact, PS2 and Xbox are for mainstream gamers (men haba wa dab) but Nintendo is for serious gamers who want to have FUN while playing their games. It’s hard to think that Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Brain Age, and Pokemon (yes, Pokemon) are games created for fun. You have dig deep throw the colorful exterior to appreciate those games. The only reason that I have PS2 is for RPG games and nothing else; and for Xbox…well…if you think you are an “American Gamer” then go for it, otherwise, I would rather get a GBA instead.

  11. fractal: very true, but Xbox has some cool games too especially now.. with Xbox live..

  12. bronson

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