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Review: Long Way Round.

This is one of those books that I had to read, and I have been waiting to read it for a while. They also have a DVD as well that I bought. I have been reading through other books, but I know I wanted to read this one. Its just the one you keep seeing on the shelf. I read one to two books at time not more because I would probably end up not finishing any that way.

This book revolves around two men who wanted to cross the globe on motorcycles. Their love for motorcycles is very apparent from the way they describe riding since they were young, and I cant blame them really because I am a motorcycle fanatic so I can understand their passion for it. This book is written in a way that you get throw into the whole adventure of what they were doing. There were great times and hard times which you go through with them, and you feel for them and can understand how they feel to a certain degree. Its narrated by both Charley and Ewan, and you get to see their deep thoughts and how they view a certain moment which I thought was fantastic. Ewan and Charely were close friends for longest of time, but after this I dont know how much closer they could have got. Its amazing, because when you undertake this type of adventure it will test your friendship and your link with other people. You feel how they feel when they meet new people, and go through what they were going through. I really enjoyed this book, and felt great that I got to the end of the book, and not because I finished the book but because I went through this journey with them.

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Rating: r4.5