Traveling Soon


I will be traveling Monday night to the US through Frankfurt. Im just hoping nothing too crazy happens. I want to have all my gadgets with me, some magazines, and no creams neccesary! I took some time off from a while back, Im going to a friend’s wedding in the states at the same time as getting some work done. Sort of two birds with one stone.

I have a lot planned! And especially a lot of riding to do, which I will posting lots of pictures! And I will go see every movie possible no matter how bad it is! And pick up a couple of dvds and video games. I had this planned from a while back since I knew Ramadan was around the corner. And my good friend asked me to come to his wedding so I was more then happy to go. Two weeks is going to be a nice break!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. :| I miss the States.. *sigh* enjoy it!!

  2. N

    Hey there.. Hope u have a good time at the states.. Which state will u be visiting inshalla? Well if ur flying to the states with Lufthansa.. then u have nothing to worry about to Frankfurt.. to the US not really sure. I went to London and everything went smoothly, inshalla US same thing. The things you are taking with you are all ok, ya3nee the magazines and electronics.. I had my purse, 2 mobiles and laptop in my handbag. The wireless connection is the best part.. if ur taking ur laptop with you.. you should post from the air! ;p

  3. I really hope you have a great time. I am hoping to leave soon too for 2 weeks to the UK – we need some cool weather – the summer has been too long and too hot.

    Take care driving now and enjoy every minute :)

  4. nazyq8

    have fun man, don’t miss nothing there,

  5. troo7 w tred bel salama, dude do u know any good anime source in kuwait!

  6. MSB: thats why Im going! hehehe!

    N: going to CALIFORNIA! hehehehe! And thats what Im going to try if my battery doesnt die out on me! Im going to try posting from the air! hehehe!

    Jewaira: The summer has been pretty hot, but I think I have gotten used to it by now! hehe!

    nazyq8: I will miss family I know that!

    Laialy: Arizona is close to california! loool!

    Moey: alah esalmik! There any in Kuwait, I either download or order from amazon!

  7. Business or pleasure?

    Either way have fun! Enjoy it for me too!

  8. Stallion: 20% Business and 80% Pleasure! hehehe!

  9. ashwa thru frankfurt mo london
    mawa9eek 3al chocolate ;)

    itroo7 witrid bil salamah..enjoy!

  10. have a blast man and be waiting for those pics:)

  11. junoony: alah esalmich! hehehe! yes Frankfurt is a better deal!

    Transparently: Thanks! I will be posting pics!

    Fonzy: Lots of bike trips, and other Shinanigans! hehehe!

  12. Keep on posting buddy from there too!!

  13. You are disappointing me marz…thot you would be making your next trip on bike :D instead of taking the boring 18 hour long flights…I hate it…

  14. Someone is gonna be rollin in styleeeee lol .. just make sure u take tons of pictures mate.

  15. MAZE: will keep posting!

    Cyber: next time it will be a bike! hehehe!

    Fractal: hehehe! Tons of picture dont worry!

  16. congrats to your friend and have a safe trip.

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