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This place is called Extreme Garage, its run by a young entrepreneur who has good mechanical skills. I found this place through a friend since it came recommended. They work on some nice cars such as SL55, Range Rover Sport, Dodge Ram SRT-10, and they work on normal cars such as Caprice, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Camry, and other vehicles. They install Lift Kits, Drops Kits for many type of vehicles. They also do body work and audio work. They have a very clean garage and extremely well priced. They have some really good people working there, the manager Shaji is a good shop manager, and this shop belongs to a young Kuwaiti guy who also works in the shop at different times. What I like about it is that the owner worked on some cars when I would be passing by sometimes. He really knows what he is doing, and it isnt corporate owned. They will do anything you want them to do, and they will tell you what they cant do. I even saw them painting a jetski. They will show you sample paint work if you ask them to, and they give you qoutes for any damaged vehicle. I saw a mangled up SL 500 and two weeks later it looks brand new, and they did a really nice job with it.





They are located just behind Safat Alghanim, if you exit from fourth ring road and take the exit for Safat Alghanim, you make the U-turn, and then you take the last right before Safat Alghanim and drive down a bit, then the garage will be on your right.

Contact: 4743412

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  1. cool, i’m looking for a place to give my wrangler a lift.

  2. interesting.. cos the mechanical works in this country suck and been looking for a descent garage for a while

  3. Mark: wrangler is the easiet to do and these guys are good at it. Choose a simple kit thought, I can help you out with that. Im very familiar with lift kits!

    Fonzy: yeah these guys are pretty good, and just make sure to call and check up.. things went good for me when I went!

  4. I am going to put in some headers/intake when the weather gets a bit cooler .. will check them out, thanks.

  5. K: yeah they are pretty good at that.. I had them do some engine work on a friend’s landcruiser. they put in headers, and a full exhaust with an intake system, and chip. Everything went great, and it feels a lot better!

  6. Do they have a dyno?? I might want to do some before/after runs… I have a feeling hp will drop with a air intake and our heat.

  7. K: Thats the one thing they dont have. They dont have a Dyno.. there is another place which might have a dyno.. called Pentagon.. you could call them up and ask!

  8. chr0nik

    what can be done for a camry?

  9. chr0nik: they just fixed the camry, meaning it was in an accident and they were fixing it up. So they do a lot of different things.

  10. S

    Are they good at paint jobs ? Could I choose any color or do they hav a set of colors that I hav to choose from ?

  11. S: very good paint jobs! They will give you samples if you ask for it! Anything you want!

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