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Last Minute

I left my house and got on the plane, landed in frankfurt and now just waiting for my flight to San Francisco.

I usually make a list of things I want to take with me and things I dont want to take. I have been busy as hell and I didnt have enough time to go through all that I wanted, and didnt want. So I kind threw a couple things together hoping that I wouldnt forget.

And as I was talking to my friend in the states, I realized what I forgot. My US cell phone chip! And thats just annoying to forget. There is a solution but its going to take a bit to get down with that.

Frankfurt airport is pretty big, and now this is a mix and match type place. Lots of people, and a lot dont speak english. So I have resorted to sign language when people ask me questions. There are some really nice people, but its difficult trying to answer questions that you dont eve know what they are saying! hehehe! The Germans are nice people, and very precise everything runs like clockwork here. Everything follows something, and they are intense about it. I asked a person where the train was to go to the other terminal and he said “100 meters straight down, then turn right and walk 20 meters, then left 10 meters to the stairs walk up to the top then another 40 meters and the train will be stopping on your left.” And it was an old guy telling me this. I was surprised that I even remembered what he said, and that took some effort, Im wondering what other people might do. I have to say their police and immigration people are very polite.

I spent a good hour looking for a powerplug in the gate my flight was supposed to take off from. I was happy when I found it.

I get in around 12pm in San Francisco going to take a cab from the airport to my friends work to pick up the keys to his place, then head over there and drop off my bags and get some gear. And then get the cab to drop me off at the Yamaha Service Deparment to go pick up the R1 when it finishs its service! Now thats a good start to the day! Hopefully immigrations wont be too rough when I land!