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On the Plane

Im posting from the plane! This is rediculous! Im even going to test the bandwidth on the plane! I have to say that the people on Luftansa are really nice! The food is pretty good, I passed out for about 4 hours now, and I just woke up to the smell of food.

The Pearl lounge was annoying because the internet connection was barely working! Its working so much better on the damn plane! Seriously! But everything went smoothly no bag restrictions and no problems.

This is the first time I fly Luftanasa and I have to say Im pretty impressed. The chairs take a bit to get used to, they arent like normal chairs where you move it back and forth, and it does that. It works in a flowing kind of way, where the whole thing moves depending on what you want. It takes a bit to get used to it.

There are three Kuwaiti guys behind me who havent stopped talking non-stop for the whole damn flight. Two are friends and one guy introduced himself, and they are all studying in the states, but the funny part is the subjects they are discussing. One guy asks if they put locks on your wheels if you get a parking ticket like in Kuwait. Another guy asks how many “Samrahs” (Music Shindigs) take place a year so everyone gets together and how much does it cost. A lot of discussion went into that one. And they were also discussing about why they should get car insurance, but seriously Im just laughing at some the things they are talking about. The guy next to me has been asleep on and off, and he seems pissed off or something, he’s acting as if he has got a stick up his ass or something. Dont care since Im still doing what I want.

There are two air stewards who remind me of the guys from Die Hard 2, they are  blonde clean cut. One guy has a military style haircut and other has a slick hair to the back. They both look extremely fit as if they are ex-military or something. He could be serving me orange juice then kill without being noticed! hehehehe!

Got another until the plane lands, I keep hearing from different people that frankfurt airport is huge. So its going to be interesting! I will keep posting!