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Barber Shop


I dont think there is much that can top this feeling. After a long day at work, and getting a few things done. Heading over to the barbershop for a cut and a shave. I look forward to some of these days! I go over to the barbershop after work, feeling tired as hell. I called my barber up and asked him time was good so I head over at the specified time. (Dont like being late so Im always on time). Sit down on the chair, and there isnt much direction needed, I’ve been coming to the same guy for the past 9 years and I have always left there happy. These days its pretty simple, shave the head then shave the beard and adjust the goatee. I love that clean feeling after walking out of the barbershop! Seriously I havent found anything that is more relaxing! There have been times where I have fallen asleep on the chair, but then I wake up when I hear the clipper!! hehehe!