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Hello … Immigrations

So before I landed, I was sitting next to a very funny person. He was american, but then he turned out to be half-egyptian. But I probably knew more about egypt then he did. But I really knew that he was Egyptian since he had a great sense of humor. So after 10.5 hours sitting next to each other, he tells me that he is a family man and enjoys living where he is. Then after a lot of time has passed by he told me “Never Get Married if You Can!!!”. My mouth hung open for a few seconds, and then I started laughing. He was telling me reasons not to do it, and the benefits. I was laughing, and he also told me he would vouch for me at Immigrations. So now the plane landed and I am getting ready to disembark.


I got into my line which was only 4 meters in length, but took 1 hour to finish, which was killing me at the time. I got asked the standard question, but they started asking me what do I do and who do I work for, and that threw me off. I just answered thinking to myself why I wasnt expecting that question. So I leave immigrations, and I find my bag already on the belt!

Almost done, but the hardest part is about to stop. I get my bags and head over to customs. I know they will want to open everything in my bag because its just my usual luck. I walk to the officer, and then he asks me why Im here and what was I doing. I answered those questions and then he told to head to the exit. Things went smoothly for that day, and I got to my friends place. I got on the R1 and went for a little ride around the area just killing time until people get off work.

Everybody was shocked when seeing that I have arrived, and that I have put on the pounds. I just told them this is a temporary phase. It was good to see some old friends all on one night! I think we saw Robocop 2, Matrix, and Airplane. It was a fun night, and we got in a couple of games of Halo before everyone had to leave.

It was a nice start to a vacation.