Hello … Immigrations

So before I landed, I was sitting next to a very funny person. He was american, but then he turned out to be half-egyptian. But I probably knew more about egypt then he did. But I really knew that he was Egyptian since he had a great sense of humor. So after 10.5 hours sitting next to each other, he tells me that he is a family man and enjoys living where he is. Then after a lot of time has passed by he told me “Never Get Married if You Can!!!”. My mouth hung open for a few seconds, and then I started laughing. He was telling me reasons not to do it, and the benefits. I was laughing, and he also told me he would vouch for me at Immigrations. So now the plane landed and I am getting ready to disembark.


I got into my line which was only 4 meters in length, but took 1 hour to finish, which was killing me at the time. I got asked the standard question, but they started asking me what do I do and who do I work for, and that threw me off. I just answered thinking to myself why I wasnt expecting that question. So I leave immigrations, and I find my bag already on the belt!

Almost done, but the hardest part is about to stop. I get my bags and head over to customs. I know they will want to open everything in my bag because its just my usual luck. I walk to the officer, and then he asks me why Im here and what was I doing. I answered those questions and then he told to head to the exit. Things went smoothly for that day, and I got to my friends place. I got on the R1 and went for a little ride around the area just killing time until people get off work.

Everybody was shocked when seeing that I have arrived, and that I have put on the pounds. I just told them this is a temporary phase. It was good to see some old friends all on one night! I think we saw Robocop 2, Matrix, and Airplane. It was a fun night, and we got in a couple of games of Halo before everyone had to leave.

It was a nice start to a vacation.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 7imdillah 3ala il salama
    3ad the funny thing is that i have never had my bag opened when entering the states :)
    enjoy the riding

  2. Jewaira

    الحمدلله على السلامة
    Glad you weren’t hassled at customs. Have a great holiday

  3. Hamdellah a3l salama…take care buddy

  4. 7imdilla 3al salama :)

    The lines at immigration in the US are so annoying. They take a picture AND a finger print! Shda3wa! But I cant blame them i9ara7a they’ve been through a lot.

    I don’t think I’ve EVER had my bag opened in the States though. My parents used to give me b’harat 3alabunna ba6ba5 and tamir for Rmithan and those dogs at the airport still wouldn’t smell a damn thing.

  5. Fantasy

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