Review: Green Street Hooligans


I saw this movie up on a billboard back when I went through the UK last year. I heard it was good, but I never got around to seeing it. Since I had the DVD for a while I decided to pop it in and watch it. It revolves around two things Football, and Journalism. I have to say that Elijah Wood was the perfect actor, and I got drawn to this movie so much. There is a lot of truth in this movie, and I couldnt recommend it enough. Its a British movie with some American actors, but you get used to the accents. The story is very deep, and keeps developing towards the climax in the end. The story has a nice start and an amazing ending. I completely forgot about my suroundings and felt as if I was being pulled so much into this movie. I felt every emotion in this movie and couldnt get enough of it. There is a lot of fighting involved in this movie, but I still recommend it greatly.

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  1. being a football fan i enjoyed watching it even though its not totally about football

    a very good movie
    ur rating would be the same as mine

    great movie

  2. i thought u wanted to watch every movie on us cinema no matter how bad it is… i guess u have time for dvd’ too :D

  3. nice!
    like the cast ;)
    ill take ur word for it and watch inshalah :)

  4. cona

    Zoog sounds good wanna check it out … send it over when ur back! :-)

  5. marzouqqqqq come baaaaaaaaack yo hoe!

    i miss you godamnit!

  6. Very good movie with very good fights
    this is football not soccer

    wood rocks

  7. wil akheer? i know if u had to choose btwn san fran and blogging, there’s no contest.. bs yala!

  8. Yazeed: I agree it was a great movie!

    Ms. D: Thanks I will check it out!

    Bloo: loool! yeah! I tend to watch everything!

    Jewaira: Thanks! I did enjoy it!

    No3ik: You will enjoy it!

    cona: I got it on DVD!

    ananyah: Im back now! hehehe!

    zombie-commando: I agree!

    MSB: hehehe! Yeah! San Francisco is hard to resist!

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