Tempting Speed?

So Kuwait’s cameras are up and working again with a new law being enforced. I dont feel like testing the new law I have been watching myself while driving. If you are more then 18 kph above the speed limit the camera will go off, and its going off everywhere! So I have been holding myself back, but on the bike I can relax a little bit since there is no front license plate.


But now Im in the states. All the bikes I have been riding are faster then most production cars. And they have some nice roads with civil drivers. Im very tempted to enjoy myself whenever possible. This idea has been bouncing around, since speeding cameras are illegal in Northern California so you only have to watch out for police cars. And when your going a certain speed lots of things seems to become one big blur, you just have to get around it! And your sense pulsing! But the police in the US arent nice, and their bite is worse then their bark!

I have to watch myself! I dont need speeding tickets everywhere I go! Also anyone who is going to travel make sure to pay all your tickets in Kuwait, because if it is more then 100KD they wont let you travel.

To speed or not to speed.. hmm

Hamdy and Eric are the two people who have been riding like crazy with me in and around the Bay Area! The speeds we were going would have resulted in us arriving in jail, but that aside. I love California highways! And a few times we passed the Police going so fast that they couldnt catch up, but we didnt mess around too much we would take the first exit and go to a starbucks and park our bikes in the back while getting something cold to drink and relax for about 20 mins. It worked everytime!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. 18km over the limit
    lol lots of people will fall for it now :P

    oo i liked the starbucks bit, lol , elmoshkilla innik 3ala visa! oo u wonder why they dont greet you with open arms when u enter their country :P

  2. Ya36eek 5aira o0 yakfeek sharra.

    Beware that sometimes they rotate the cam so it catches from behind. The most cam they do this with is the one on the airport curve.

  3. S

    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Stay safe ;Pp~
    il.7mdlah your baq, we missed your posts..

  4. Thanx for the heads up :) i always ignore the cameras.

    Oh and be careful…although id love to ride a motorbike, they still scare me….so take care and always wear ur helmet :)

  5. moocherx

    some guy on a motorbike overtook me going past Ahmadi this morning… I was doing 180, so dunno what he was doing.

    My question: is a t-shirt and camouflage shorts protection enough if he skids/falls off/lands on the hood of my car? I don’t think I’d feel safe at those speeds without full leathers.

    But he had a helmet… at least.

  6. can we pay fines at airport? or we have to cancel the journey and pay the money in muroor? and attempt again?

  7. Yazeed: hahahaha! yeah.. the cops dont tend to like me! hehehe!

    Hashim: Yeah, I know abou the cameras coming from behind. I will have to remember them!

    S: I will be posting alot this coming week!

    DR: I wear my helmet everytime! hehehe! :)

    moocherx: No its not enough! You have to wear full gear, not neccesarily leathers. You can wear textile jackets, and jeans with armor which provide alot of protection! But at least he was wearing a helmet!

    Menon: good! hehehe!

    Cyber: You can pay at the airport yes!

  8. hehe… u travelled all the way to the states to break the law?? :)

  9. Fonzy: traffic laws arent that bad! hehehehe!

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