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Review: SuperCross


When I saw the DVD cover I was thinking to myself I think I heard of it, but I wasnt sure. But then it was about off-road motorcycle which I wasnt into as much as on-road motorcycles. Then I thought to myself why not check it out, and I have to say that I am happy that I got this DVD. Its one those DVDs that you have low expectations for but turns out to be a damn good movie! The main two actors have this ambition of being at the top of motorcross racing. You feel the actors in this movie are into motorcycles, they want to ride and enjoy themselves. You feel it through out the movie, and they get into it. I recommend this movie for those who want to see some motorcross action and how the off-road scene is in the US. But if you dont like motorcycles you wont like it!

Link: IMDB

Rating: r3.01.bmp