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When we are sitting around and some people have their wallets on the table we started talking about different kinds of wallets and who likes what. There are three types of male wallets! A normal wallet which could be big or normal. The kind which has place for multiple credit cards, coins, and cash. I prefer that kind with two sides for credit cards. Then there is the smaller kind which you squeeze the money in the middle with credit cards on either side. And you need to fold the money in half to squeeze it in. Then there is the third kind, the money clip which some people like. I like the money clip but the problem is your money is out for all to see which could be dangerous in the wrong situation.


Some people like it light and small so that it doesnt create a bulge in their pocket! And some people like to carry lots of cards with them that is why they carry a large wallet, and some people only carry two cards and some cash. I dont mind having a larger wallet because I need to carry my car license, my bike license, work card, a couple of credit cards, and some cash. I always tend to have it full of stuff, because you never know what you may it need. Sometimes I empty it out and see what I really need, because I have that tendency to think “just in case”. And some of other guys were getting into a heated discussion about why you should and shouldnt have a certain kind of wallet, in the end I just thought you have whatever your comfortable with.