When we are sitting around and some people have their wallets on the table we started talking about different kinds of wallets and who likes what. There are three types of male wallets! A normal wallet which could be big or normal. The kind which has place for multiple credit cards, coins, and cash. I prefer that kind with two sides for credit cards. Then there is the smaller kind which you squeeze the money in the middle with credit cards on either side. And you need to fold the money in half to squeeze it in. Then there is the third kind, the money clip which some people like. I like the money clip but the problem is your money is out for all to see which could be dangerous in the wrong situation.


Some people like it light and small so that it doesnt create a bulge in their pocket! And some people like to carry lots of cards with them that is why they carry a large wallet, and some people only carry two cards and some cash. I dont mind having a larger wallet because I need to carry my car license, my bike license, work card, a couple of credit cards, and some cash. I always tend to have it full of stuff, because you never know what you may it need. Sometimes I empty it out and see what I really need, because I have that tendency to think “just in case”. And some of other guys were getting into a heated discussion about why you should and shouldnt have a certain kind of wallet, in the end I just thought you have whatever your comfortable with.

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  1. no significant revolution in men wallets really.. but i suppose they tend to become lighter and lighter.. and obviously technology is not interesting in ‘touching’ the wallet :)

    welcome back.

  2. What I really wanna know is what inspired you to write this post :)

  3. Bloo: thanks! Yeah there havent been that much advancements in wallet technology, but then we want it lighter and simpler, but carries more!

    Yazeed: so your the one card, money clip guy. I could never do that!

    1001: I was thinking that men have 3-4 choices of wallets, and its pretty simple really, but women have 1.1 billion different bags, and purses inside of them to choose from and they have nothing to do with funcitonality! loooool!

  4. actually it fits three cards easily
    4 cards if u try hard enough :P

  5. moocherx

    I found a great wallet

    It’s a normal wallet, but with a pull-out section which holds about 3 cards and some notes

    So when you’re going out clubbing (oops, not in Kuwait) you can just pull out the “mini” version with, say, 1 credit card, 1 ID card, and some notes to buy (alcohol) a nice glass of fruit cocktail.

  6. Yazeed: See I cant live with squeezing it in! What about different IDs, credit cards, other cards. Just not enough!

    moocherx: Thats cool!

  7. I prefer a thing wallet; that can hold four cards and cash(not folded). I have a small backup wallet with one credit card/id card for the days when I can’t find my wallet or I don’t need the extra stuff.

  8. Actually light small wallets are what i fancy .. it is just that i havn’t found an interesting one to buy around here … I had a wall street one which i loved but it gotten really old and tore apart. Just the civil ID my bank card some business cards and a lil cash is all i need in a wallet :P

  9. fractal: loool! I like to carry everything with me! hehehe! “Just in Case” hehehe!

  10. K: How do you loose your wallet in the first place! I would go nuts! I always put it in the same spot everyday!

  11. i recently got the one with the clip, been using it and loving it. veru easy to use and u can always hide it from those around u

  12. Fonzy: loool! Why hide it? hehehe! I need something to carry all my cards and stuff!

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