Floating Homes!!!

This is nifty piece of enginuity and desing! Its 70s funky style built on the water! I was surprised when I saw this, and I think this would be the bes thing for Failaka Island! Building ports out, and putting these floating home on the ports and you can get from place to place by jetski and boat with parking for both! How crazy would that be! They have three different variations of it! But I think its pretty cool!

Link: FloatingHomes

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  1. so get the first one and start a new trend in kuwait ;)

  2. it would be a great idea, except that the majority of kuwaiti people think a beautiful structure must look like giant wedding cakes, imagine that.. purple, pink and orange cakes floating in the sea, with gold fences and electric palm trees..

  3. Fonzy: loool! It would be a miracle that it even floats for one day in Kuwait! hahahaha!

    let-them-eat-cake: I agree with you 100%, the sense of style in Kuwait is somewhat… horrible.. they tend to like the biggest cubes with the most eye-wrenching color possible! And that would probably sink!

  4. Please don’t give them any more ideas for ruining our poor sea! Polluted enough as it is!

  5. wow!
    ccrazy!! scary crazy but still amazing! ;p
    for the fact i still cant swim :(
    i think im phobic.

    anyways i would love to look at it and admire it
    but never set foot in ;p

  6. Jewaira: If its done right, it wouldnt be polluted, but your right they would probably do everything wrong!!!!

    no3ik: looool! U would never walk into it! hehehe! I think it would be pretty damn cool!

  7. moocherx

    plus you’d be kept awake all night by the dumb jet-ski owning twats who will think it’s hilarious to run circles around these things out at sea.

    however… a few strategically placed garot wires tied between the houseboat and a bouy placed out at sea might take care of that ;-)

  8. Zookie, I saw one of these in Dubai at the last Boat show earlier this year. I have to admit, upclose they are really cool. Imagine your house floating on the water…and that’s kind of how they are!

    I would get one if I lived in Miami. I just can’t imagine this would look cool sailing off to Kuba.

  9. moocherx: looool! Planning to take out a couple of Jetskiers! hehehe!

    Toxy: hahaha! I was thinking Failakah, didnt even take Kubar into consideration!

  10. :D I would like to have one of those. 7asafa Failaka isnt being taken care off as much as I personally would like, especially the archeological sites. And the beach isnt clean either. Actually all of Kuwait’s beaches are quite disgusting. What a shame!

  11. cixousianpanic: They should pay for a ocean side cleaning service with real credtenials as to how to clean beaches! Instead of the crappy stuff right now!

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