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Forgetting things!

So when I left kuwait! I was in such a hurry that I didnt make a list this time, and just went with what ever I could remember! It was hectic to say the least. And even when I was leaving the US it was the same thing. I think I enjoy last minute packing sometimes, and just going to the airport.

Here is the funnier part of forgetting. I didnt want to look my tickets until the night before my flight. But what turned out to be even funnier, with all the guys hanging out at my friends place for a night good bye was that my flight was on tuesday september 12th at 2pm. And I looked at it, and just started laughing, and when I told my friends they thought I was in idiot! But we still kept eating the Chinese food. It was late enough that I could call the travel agents in Kuwait to get me on the plane on Wednesday so I would be in Kuwait by Thursday. So everything went through lucky for me.

But when I left Kuwait I forgot the GSM chip to my US phone, so I got a new one when I got there. I just went to Tmobile and they gave me another chip for my cell phone line. It was pretty funny that I took care of it from the first day since all I wanted to do was ride my bikes while waiting for my friends to get off work.
Now that Im back I remembered that I forgot one important thing! And that is some of the dvds that I bought, and more importantly music CD holder which I left in my truck! I will have to ask one of my friends to send that to me. What a trip! And still more stories to come!