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Review: The Protector


If you liked the movie Ong Bak then you will really enjoy this movie. The story is from ancient Thai history about the people and their relationships with elephants up to today’s time. I have to say that it wasnt the best plot line, but I wanted to see the action more then anything else. And there were a lot of actions scenes. Elbows flying, kicks, punches and many other forms of attacks that is really amazing! I dont even know what the hospital bill was for the stunt actors in this movie. The funny part is there is this one big bald guy who fights in the movie, and then I remembered he is the actor from Troy that Brad Pitt stabs in the neck and who dies in the beginning. It was an action movie that hit the spot. If you dont enjoy foreign movies then you wont enjoy this movie, but if martial arts is your thing then sit down and watch this movie!!
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Rating: r3.0.bmp