175’000 Plus

Thats the number of government school students going back to school since saturday. The streets are packed with cars. With only one maid, one child, a driver or mother, or father. Its crazy! They need to employ car poor lanes or change school times! Delay them one hour into the day! Its just becoming crazy these days. Everywhere you go there is traffic for one reason or another! Every way to work there is traffic no matter which route I take! Im just thinking that they should legalize the use of helicopters in Kuwiat at this rate! Anyone else going nuts from traffic!

Damn school timing! And I had a meeting to go to! All the kids with their drivers and maids!


The eye before the storm


This cop was flying after somebody who was driving down the shoulder, I was laughing because he just got on the shoulder and took off.



Construction is killing traffic as well!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. shit… i think i was stuck in the same jam

  2. Fonzy: I think everyone was stuck in this traffic in one form or another! I took these pics over the past 4 days!

  3. lol
    everyday i find another reason to be happier
    that i quit my job!!! ;)
    good luck! and i do remeber how it felt!!!
    WE NEED SUBWAYS seriuosly we do!!!

  4. no3ik: We need subways, and we need double decker highways like new york! Now that would be useful!

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