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NFL Fans!!


I dont know who else in Kuwait follows football but I am huge San Francisco 49er fan! Even when they were at the bottom I was huge fan, and I love them like crazy! I thank my friend Yasir for taking me to my first football game 4 years ago! I should have gone sooner! Its soo much excitment and people going crazy with such dedicated fans! One of the great things is the Bar-B-Q before the games in the parking lot and talking to people who are complete strangers and sharing recipes with them about BBQing and even game strategies, and parking strategies (Basically how to get out of the stadium and avoiding the traffic of 20’000 +). Its just a huge rush overall and its fantastic!

And now the Football season has started! 49ers have been doing pretty bad over the past few years, but they are still in the process of rebuilding the team and I fully support them through screaming my head off and buying their merchandise! They are 1:1 right now and they look to have a very good team, with a good developing quartback! I really like the attitude they have, and I love watching football

For anyone who is interested in watching American Football in Kuwait you can catch it on channel Orbit ESPN from 8 or 9pm on saturday night going until the morning. And you can also find it on channel 1005 (Channel Fox Sports) on Showtime, but they only show one or two games!

Link: NFL Schedule