Review: Initial D Drift Racer


This is a movie based on the popular anime about the best drifter in the moutains with his Toyota AE86. The story has some similarity to the anime, and the cool parts are the drifting and watching the dads deal with their sons. It aint bad and the cars are cool, but it doesnt do the anime justice. This anime brought drifting to the main stream, and made it popular. This isnt like Tokoyo Drift, this film has a story line which you will follow and how the main character developed to be the drifter that he is. Its really great to watch if your into foreign movies. The drifting is realistic, and you get to see some funny scenes in the movie about friends and family who know the racer, and what they try to do when they find out who is the 86 Toyota Driver. I think its cool to watch if you like the anime, and you want to see some drifting.

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  1. Hachi Roku!

    Yeah I picked this one up from Hawally as soon as I found out it existed. You’re right; it doesn’t do the anime justice, but then again the anime was split over 5 stages.

    The drifting and techniques shown seem very realistic (more so in the anime), coupled with the catchy soundtrack it was pretty awesome overall. Highly recommended.

  2. Sabah: yeah its pretty good overall, I just didnt like the girl in this movie, would have prefered something hotter! looool!

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