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Ride Back

I rode back from work after a quick day of finishing things up and a few meetings. I was pretty psyched up to get back on the bike and ride back. I got my gear on and talking to few a co-workers before leaving. Switch on my mp3 player, and got on my bike and zoomed out.

The one thing is to take it easy around Shuweikh because of oil spots, sand and other debris. So I was zooming about the obstacles and heading towards the 3rd ring road to get on Malik Faisal Highway (Airport Road, the one without any stop lights). There was some traffic on the 3rd ring road and some people were pissed so they werent letting me through, but I was in such a good mood they I didnt care and just waited if I needed.

A few things to watch out for (The Highest is the most Dangerous)

  1. A woman on the phone. Doesnt care about anything around her.
  2. Any trucks carrying anything in the back, its a huge possibility that something might fall out the back.
  3. The small egg shaped white vans are pretty small, but the drivers like sticking to their lane and not paying attention.

Other then that just try to put some distance between you and other cars. As long as I was moving I was feeling pretty good, it was 45C on my screen, and the temperature on the control tower said 40C up in the air! So it wasnt too bad and I was enjoying the ride back.

When Im picking how fast to go on the bike, I usually keep in mind how fast I can slow down or react to avoid people who dont see me or who do see me and dont care. So you can go fast, but make sure your ready to stop on a dime. Good breaks are a must!

Such a nice start to the weekend and a great way to start Ramadan. Going to hit the beach house later on tonight.  Going to be able to ride a lot during Ramadan!