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Sansa e280


I have a few requirements when picking an MP3 player, and they pretty simple requirements.

1) That the mp3 player appears as a hard drive and I can drag and drop files into it.
2) I dont need any software to communicate with the mp3 player.

So that pretty much knocks out all of Apple’s MP3 products! I really dont like being forced to use any type of software! It makes me feel annoyed with it! But no mp3 players operated as well as the Apple’s and had large memory, well except now.

This is an amazing looking mp3 player with a nice design that appears as an HD and has 8 GB of memory! With 20 hours of play back. And the price is pretty reasonable $250.00 for this much memory and a sleek player.

Link: Engadget
Link: SanDisk