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For some reason everytime I see Molly Ringwald I end up remembering Pretty in Pink. I just her picture for some reason and it brings back memories from summers in london, and the other year I was going through a small closet and I found that I still had the VHS version of Pretty in Pink! And I still had Transformers the movie from the 1980s in its original case.

I was remembering some actors from the 80s and then I remembered facts of life! I remember that show and I liked Nancy McKeon the most. I thought she was really hot. I must have liked brunettes since I was a kid. I always thought the blonde characters annoyed me! hehehe!


Then I kept thinking that alot of actors from the 80s just fell of the map, and then I remembered movies from the early 90s that I remember foundly. And two movies that automatically popped into my head is Dick Tracy and The Shadow. I remember both show so foundly and the other day I saw Dick Tracy on tv and I just kept watching and I couldnt believe that Al Pacino was in the movie and I didnt remember that. Then last week on cable tv while I was in the states the Shadow was playing on tv while we were relaxing and I couldnt help watching it and enjoying it thuroughly!