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Chill Weekend


After riding back home I had a good lunch with my mom, thinking that this is going to be one of the last meals I have during the day! hehehe! I like Ramadan because I can get a few more things done during the day, and even if Im hungry I can keep doing what Im doing and think about food later.

After lunch I packed my bag with a few things, and a couple of DVDs getting ready to head out. Called the guys asking if they needed anything from the co-op before I headed over. So I went over and picked up a few things. And head over, and got there in about 40 mins taking my time. When I got there they told me we will be bbqing some burgers, I told them if it isnt fresh beef that I should make the patties with it wont be that good. We watched the first movie from the bunch but wasnt impressed. Then everyone was getting hungry, when the meat came we started bbqing or two of us were while everyone else ate! It was pretty funny, with music playing in the background the weather was amazing.

I was tired from an early day, then the guys started doing different things. Some guys were talking, some were playing cards, and others just running around doing something. I decided to hit the sac early and watch some movies. I watched one movie which wasnt too bad and then I started watching Rome the series again which was amazing! I finished disc 2, and I knew I had to finish it this week! I started it before I left for the states, but then I knew I had to finish it this week! Too much that I need to do! hehehe

I passed out, and got up next morning. Everyone was really lazy since they stayed up. It was funny just relaxing.  Slowly everyone was getting up, and everyone was getting hungry. One of our friends was bringing food from home, so we were waiting for his driver to get here, but like usual he didnt give him the right directions and got lost! It was very funny, but really entertaining! It was a full house and a good get together. After lunch some of us went for a swim and some guys were watching a few movies.

After swimming for an hour and a half I jumped in the shower. After I got out I had the warm fuzzy feeling, and slightly dizzy. It felt good, and so I was heading home cruising at 120 kph not having a care in the world. Just staying in my lane and good music flowing with windows down. That felt amazing with the weather temperature at 34C. It was very nice.

Then I got home and said hello the family, and people seemed busy so I took my Rome DVDs to the basement and continued watching. I wasnt going to have dinner but when I found out it was Ramadan I decided to have some Kabab-Ji and that felt good. That I relaxed with my mom for a few hours and passed out getting ready to go late to work! Nice to be at work at 10:00am.