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Ramadan Mubarak


Ramadan is here now! Everybody’s work schedule has changed to something a little bit easier then before, and everyone will be busy trying to get to family or trying to watch their favorite shows. Its going to be an insane first week for everyone.

Inshalla everyone will have a good time and they will enjoy their shows. I know some people who are going crazy trying to find the timing to their shows, and everybody is asking somebody else. I find that to be pretty funny. Whats going to be very tiresome is going around and saying hello to all the different dewaniyas and family gatherings. Its kind of fun seeing all the people you havent seen for a bit.


I have a very important warning for everybody who will be driving to any place! Every speeding camera is operational and they are making them extremely sensitive. They are also deploying all the mobile camera vehicles at certain locations in and around Kuwait. These vehicles could be white buses, white suzukis, black suzukis, and small vans. Just keep your eye out for vehicles parked on the side that look relatively clean and dont have a flat tire. They are out for blood!
I hope everyone enjoys there Ramadan.