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HD Delema Part 2


After trying to find help here, I had no choice but to send the drive to the states.

I sent the HD to DriveSavers, because it seemed they were my only hope. After sending the drive through fed-ex, they contacted me telling me they recieved it.

Then a couple of hours later they contacted me, asking me to call them. So I did, i was hoping for good news and the gentlement I spoke to sounded like he had bad news. When he was talking to me it sounded as if he wanted to tell me someone died, but the hope of getting my information back was totally lost. The feeling really sucked, that I lost a lot of photos, music, and video. But Mostly its the photos that I lost that are annoying me. But I have learned to back-up everything! And I will! At least I know some places that I could get some of the pictures but not everything.

Well a lot has been lost, but lesson learned.

Now Im back to square one for a bit. Im happy I found a good amount of music on my mp3 player, and I have a good amount of music on my laptop. Im also going to ask my friend to burn his music to a DVD and send it to me from the states, because we have the same amount and same taste. And then I am downloading huge amounts from Torrent at this point. About 60 – 70 GBs worth of anime, and a couple of GBs worth of new tv shows. The one thing that I cant recover is pictures of my family and friends. But at least I have some copies of it, so its not all lost, but still extremely frustrating.