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Surge Protectors


The other day I needed another surge protector and I was trying to remember where I got mine from. They are all generic and white, it seemed more of expansion spots for power rather then a surge protector. So I went to the Mishref Co-op only to find it closed so I headed over to the Salwa Sultan Center and I was surprised to see that they had a decent selection. Ranging from 2.5 KD up to 4.5 KD depending on your needs. I took two of each, but I just needed one and I thought I would keep a surplus in the house for anyone who needed one since we didnt have any.


If your looking for something that is more a surge protector then an expansion slot then you should go with the Monster Surge Protectors, and I know they sell them at Centro Electronics. These surge protectors are not cheap for a reason, they range from 40 KD up to 97 KD.