Surge Protectors


The other day I needed another surge protector and I was trying to remember where I got mine from. They are all generic and white, it seemed more of expansion spots for power rather then a surge protector. So I went to the Mishref Co-op only to find it closed so I headed over to the Salwa Sultan Center and I was surprised to see that they had a decent selection. Ranging from 2.5 KD up to 4.5 KD depending on your needs. I took two of each, but I just needed one and I thought I would keep a surplus in the house for anyone who needed one since we didnt have any.


If your looking for something that is more a surge protector then an expansion slot then you should go with the Monster Surge Protectors, and I know they sell them at Centro Electronics. These surge protectors are not cheap for a reason, they range from 40 KD up to 97 KD.

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  1. but do you really need one in kuwait? I never had a prob with surges here….

  2. Cyber: the thing is if you have important equipment you dont want to take the chance. Like in the summer with the power just going out!

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    Yo Zouk-san!!!

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  4. Cute UAE: 3alaina o 3alaich! I love FAREEJ! I was laughing like crazy yesterday! I watch it and its entertaining as hell! Seriously great! I love the little old lady who got out of dar el 3ajazah! Thanks for giving me the timing! I have been stumbling upon it! hehehe!

  5. SOS

    this the 1st time ive heard bout such a device and shelling out almost KD 100 for this thing would be plain stupidity!! why? well u can always buy a
    UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) for the half the amount,it not only protects you against sag n surge but also buys you enough time to save your work and turn off ur PC,gamin console,TV etc etc.
    UPS s generally comes with a power backup of at least 10 mins to 3 hrs n over,the math here is simple: more the fuloos more the backup. ;)

  6. SOS: Depending what kind of UPS you get, but most UPS arent that cheap either most of them are 70 KD and above. And the cheap ones arent that good.

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