Overdue Fines or Bills


A friend of mine just wen through this whole mess. He was stopped by police and taken to police station and held there because there was a hold from the Ministry of Interior. Even though he paid his bills a few days ago, and thing is he wasnt stopped at the airport. He was stopped by a police officer and held at the police station, he took his civil ID number to find out that he had a hold on his record, and he owed money. But he already paid it and the MOI didnt remove the request to bring him in.

So he was taken in for no reason. A friend of ours went to check the bill at the payment at the airport at 2:30am, and they are supposed to close at 3:00am, but it turned out the system was down at 2:00am so my friend had to wait until 6:30am to get a piece of paper from the bills department saying that he doesnt owe anything and the MOI made a huge mistake.

So now the police check if you owe anything and they will take you in, if you didnt pay your bills. Whatever government type bills you may owe. Even a house phone bill, water bill, electricity bill, and especially traffic fines. So keep this in mind people, and the MOI made a huge mistake that they still had the request for him to be brought in even though he paid all his bills.
I have to say that I was laughing my head off. And one of our friends was running around in the morning, he didnt get much rest and he had to wait until they reopened. He didnt get to work until 12:30pm.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. OMG!!
    are u seriuos?
    i mean this is insan
    shino being held in a station is not a joke!

    i better go check on my bills to ;p

  2. Unfortunately, ربعنا يا حار يا عطرز
    It is ridiculous!

  3. no3ik: its no joke! seriously!

    Fonzy: thats what he said and a lot more!

    jewaira: your telling me! They made a mistake and he got held!

  4. Laialy: ee adree! Its getting rediculous!

  5. Ahkh..
    Kuwaiti Goverment. Hopeless Case esara7a.
    They just keep screwing things up, when will it end. When will someone give them a freakin wake up call.

    Embarak 3alaik Eshahar..
    9oom Maqboul wThanb Maghfoor Lek wLel Jamee3 Enshallah ;)

  6. and they have a never ending construction of MOI english site……fifth ring road reconstruction will be over next year(LOL no relation with the site though…)…any chance to have this english language MOI site coming up soon…as majority of the expats cant read and write english….

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