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Review N73


This is a phone that came out about two months ago now, and I think I have put it through the hoops. Its a really good phone but with a few kinks to work out.


  • Strong signal
  • Bright and large screen
  • Extremely good web browser
  • Very load speaker
  • Very good pictures
  • Lots of tools
  • Very versatile information for contacts
  • Long battery life
  • Very light for size
  • Good buttons and joystick
  • Multimedia player is very good, and slideshow for pictures is very good.
  • Sms stored on Mini-SD so it can be moved
  • No limit on number of SMSes and Contacts. I havent reached the limit yet and Im at 867 messages with 483 contacts.
  • Keypad lights up only in the dark. (Light Sensitive)


  • Slow to load sms or mms menu (new or to read)
  • A bit slow to open contacts
  • Freezes if you try too many things when its running slow
  • Multimedia loads a bit slow as well
  • Bluetooth needs to be adjusted, it seems not one to connect after a few times. Then you have to restart it to get the Bluetooth working again.

Overall I think its a great phone, but I wish it wasnt slow for sms and contacts since its the two things that I use the most. So its a bit frustrating when I have to send a quick sms, and if you try to force it then it will hang even more. But I think if it gets a software upgrade maybe they worked on that part. If the software improves I would bump it up to 4 stars!

Price: 143 KD

Rating: r3.02.bmp