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You know when you have one of those days where you dont have enough time to just stop and breath. Tuesday was one of those days. Where at one point I was so tired and out of it that my brain was paused. I think it was paused because people were talking and I was looking and I felt like I was out of the room. After futoor I passed out for a little while even though I woke up I was still dazed. The one thing that made me really happy today was playing around with my nephew. He woke me up from my asleep after futoor by banging on the window so I woke up with the smile. And I think he know that his uncle is probably the only person who is goofy enough to entertain him.

I took him outside on the balcony for a little while and he was enjoying himself.  Just watching cars flying by, and motorcycles going back and forth. He was facinated by the sound of the motorcycle that woke him from his sleep. It was an off-road motorcycle that a guy was riding back and forth on the street. And he was keeping any eye out for anything making noise. I was watching the cars and watching him watch the cars! It was fun just standing outside like that.

Then after futoor didnt get much rest, I had to think about a lot of stuff that my family was asking me. And when you have to do a lot of things you just feel like the day has not ended yet. I got a call from my friend from the states when I drove out to Khalid Bin Waleed street in the city to pick up a new head set, because mine has reached its end. It seemed like he was on the other side of the world waiting for their time for iftar and he was having the same type of day. We just started laughing at ourselves. By the time the conversation was done, I already finished what I had to get and got home and he left work early to watch a movie before futoor. Its hard watching a movie without popcorn. What a day!