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Last Night


Sometimes pause is a good thing! I was flying about yesterday making sure to get a few things done.

I help a friend take a look at an extremely nice Harley Davidson since that is what he was looking for,and it was cutting it close to futoor. And I was on my bike too so I flew back home, and I was enjoying the ride. And like usual there is a line of cars parked on the road in Mishref, and a police with his lights on parked on the other side. I was in a hurry so I was flying down and pretty much didnt care what the guy was going to do.

Then I parked the bike cleaned it up real quick, wiped my helmet down and put everything back in the closet. Flew up stairs took a quick shower and changed into a dishdasha. And was heading out to my family’s house for futoor. The roads were empty it was fantastic, we got there and everyone was eating. I sat down and grubbed. I felt that my brain was slowing down. It was great seeing family, and towards the end of the night they brought my nephew. And he was in shock and just looking around at other people, and people were talking some kids were crying. It was sensory shock for him, but after a bit he held out his hands and wanted me to carry him. It was pretty funny.

Then everyone was going their seperate ways. I headed home, and relaxed and some of my friends were coming over later in the evening. It was pretty chill. I was playing around with my Infrant NV while I was waiting, but I ran into problems which I will deal with at a later point.

Then I went down and I was playing with the XBox 360 while I was waiting for my friends to show up. And I was enjoying myself when they made me stop playing. hehehe! We watched a movie and laughing about he was doing what. And how Ramadan has thrown our schedule out the window, then we had some za’atar, cheese sandwichs, small pizzas, laham bil ajeen (meat sandwich), kubbah, and samboosak. We watched a pretty good movie it was good night. For some reason I stayed up pretty late so getting up for work was a little difficult! hehehe!