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This Day


I got up today feeling relaxed and catching up with some well needed rest! I wanted to watch some anime last night, but I was only able to watch one episode of Naruto. And that made me feel good, and I woke up with my laptop still on, and I could hear my nephew roaming the halls. So I was feeling good! I got up and showered, and then I found my door open and he was coming in looking for me! This was probably the best start to a day that I could ever have! He was looking towards my bed and thought that I was hiding somewhere, but then he turned around when I called him from the bathroom area and he smiled. Sometimes I wish I could just read a baby’s mind! It would be entertaining as hell! Because they do as they please with no regards to what others may say! hehehe!

Futoor was good, and it hit the spot it was nice having it at home and relaxing with the family. And I was bouncing around the hallways and other rooms with my nephew since he wanted to do that. I dont watch that many arabic shows, but my family does so I watched what they watch but I always have a motorcycle magazine with me and maybe my laptop. It was nice and chill, but I knew I had to be at the dewaneya to be part of the welcoming party for the family. You just have to do what you have to do. And I did, and on my home I saw that it was 10:30pm and I was thinking to myself that it feels tired. I might watch some Rome in the basement, but thats about it nothing more. Dont feel like going out.