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Amazing Service

There is new service being deployed in the Bay Area, in and around San Francisco, specifically for gadgets! They have been working on ironing out the kinks in the service for the past 2 years. Its called LicketyShip it is specifically for gadgets and they gaurantee delivery within for hours if the item is in stock. Its currently only deployed in the bay area, but they are planning to deploy it across the US in the future. The cost is $20.00 and above for that kind of delivery.

I think that is an amazing idea, and I know I would be the type of person who would order from them or who ever uses them if they have items in stock! I wish this sort of shipping service could be thuroughly deployed in Kuwait, I think the only company that is coming close to this is Click-N-Buy right now. But still you can order any gadget and to your door in four hours! Now thats service! And instant gratification!
Link: Engadget

Link: LicketyShip