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GQ Woman of the Year


This award has never been given out before from GQ to a woman, and I dont read GQ much. But I pick it up every once in a while. This time I picked it up because of Jennifer Aniston, and I have had the magazine for 10 months and only decided to read the article today.

I really like Jen and from reading this article today I like her even more. Its the kind warmth that you get from this woman that makes you like her. I think I fell in love with her a long time ago. Its the way she is, the kindness the smile the goofyness the sense of humor. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, because there are women who are more attractive then her, but I think she is one of the most beautiful. I think what attracts me to her is her soul more then anything else. From seeing her in Friends and her movies, I have fallen head over heals for her. I remember seeing her on the street 4 years ago in Malibu in a shopping center while visiting a friend. And I was lucky as hell to see her, and she was just as nice in real life as she is in the movies. I also know that Im not a nut case to go after her or something. Its just something about her! Its soul of a person that should be loved not just the looks!
And people some people like her and some dont! I do! hehehe